Oscar #2015

Well sweeties. Now it's that time at year were The Oscars being hold. So i'm goeing to do a bit like i did with the Taylor Swift music video, Blanc space.

So here is my top 3 of  best dressed.

1. The first dress that i couldn't hold my eyes from is the Tom Ford dress worn by Reese witherspoon.
I love how simple this dress is. Just a simple black and white dress with a nice shoulder detail.

2. The second dress that i loved was Jennifer Aniston in the Versace dress. Again a simple or is this a simple dress? I actually don't have any idea. This dress has so many pearls and glitter that makes the dress so beautiful and add so many details. So i wouldn't call the dress "simple". I just can't stop looking.
She worn it so nicely, and the shoes matches perfectly.

3.The last but not least Elie saab dress worn by another Jennifer. Jennifer Lopez.
This dress is just so much me. So of course this outfit should on my Top 3 best dressed. This dress is just so wow on every single way. I just love this look.

Witch look loved you?
Xx Ziff


  1. I absolutely LOVE the dress that Reese Witherspoon is wearing (not Emma Stone :P)

  2. fab dresses!

  3. Helt sikkert også mine tre favoritter!



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