Let's be honest

 Shirt from Storm and Marie - Skirt from (A little shop in CPH) Roselil - Boots from Ecco

Hey sweeties,
At the time I'm totally in love with this shirt from Storm & Marie. To be honest I don't think I ever had have a shirt before. Why you may wonder. I just simply never really imagined me wear shirts. But I most say I really love it. As a bonus the shirt is in my favorite color amazing - right?
I decorated the outfit with a pearl necklace with a beautiful lock and mine faithful "old" boots from Ecco.
Xx Ziff

What are you girls loving at the time? 


Oscar #2015

Well sweeties. Now it's that time at year were The Oscars being hold. So i'm goeing to do a bit like i did with the Taylor Swift music video, Blanc space.

So here is my top 3 of  best dressed.

I'm in love

Hey Sweeties
Yesterday I was out looking for a white dress that I could wear to a party this spring. But there were so many beautiful dresses, so i couldn't hold focus. And it wasn't helping that I falled totally in love with this red dress from Marc Jacobs. I just love every little detail on this dress.
Unfortunately I didn't found a white dress to wear, but I came home with a wonderful red dress instead.
Well.. I still need to find a white dress to wear, but you can never get too many dresses right?
Xx Ziff

You can visit Marc Jacobs Official site here
Boots from Ecco

Care - Je suis Danois

T-Shirt from pieces - Pants from Cheap monday - Vest from Day 
Happy Valentine.

Everyone have right to everything,
But not everything is right to do.

#jegerdansk #Jesuisdanois #jegercharlie #jesuischarlie 

The rocky 80's

The look is inspired of "The rocky 80's"
I really love the style there were back then. If i could be young in another time it would the 80's. I just simply love the style there was back then.
This skirt looks really pretty with a crop top or a blouse and you can wear the jacket to jeans and dress as well.

Jacket from Vivacious
Skirt from St. Martins
Bag from Topshop

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

Wow, i have so much i want to tell your girls. Unfortunately i can't of that reason that it's not official yet. But i can promise that its going to be awesome.
Well, Yesterday there was school prom at my school. It was really nice and quiet.
Like any other girl I had a beautiful dress on. The dress is just like - you know simply wonderful and i'm totally in love with the design.

The dress is from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

Dk: Wow, jeg har så meget som jeg så gerne vil fortæller jer piger. Desværre kan jeg ikke endnu, da det endnu ikke er helt officielt. Men i har noget at glæde jer til!
Nårh men, I går havde vi skolebal/fest på den skolen jeg går på. Aften forløb virkelig hyggeligt, det var stille og roligt.
Ligesom alle de andre piger på skolen, havde jeg en flot kjole på. Kjolen er bare.. du ved helt vidunderlig og så elsker virkelig dens design.

Kjolen er fra Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.