Hey Sweeties

Dk: Når nu det er januar og udsalg, så skal der da også shoppes. Udsalget er en god undskyld til at få udvidet sin garderobe, blandt andet en undskyldning jeg benytter en del. Jeg har fået købt mig: En blomstrede skjorte, en nederdel, jakke og diverse lipgloss og andet  makeup. 
Desuden skal jeg også tilstå, at have kigget en del på kjoler på asos og Zalando, da jeg synes at de har sådan nogle skønne ting.  Jeg blev helt forelskede i denne smukke, pastel farvede, lilla kjole fra Asos, Som i kan se ovenover, en kjole jeg bare måtte eje. Her i går bestilte jeg den hjem. Og nu kan jeg bare ikke vente med at se den.  
Har i  forleksede jer i noget her i udsalget? 

I kan købe de forskellige ting her: Kjole - Frakke - Hvide sko - Sorte sko

Engl: Here in the january sale, it can be pretty easy to fall in love with things. And well, it must be here, I have to admit that i easy - Way too easy - fall in love. Those things from asos, is just some of the things i love. Especially the lilac dress, that i bought yesterday, and now i'm so exited to it to arrive.
I have bought some other stuff too: Dress, jacket, skirt and shirt in shops here in copenhagen.
And im just so exited too show you girls alle the things.

You can buy the things here: Dress - Jacket - White shoes - Black shoes 

Xx Ziff

Red cherry

Hey Sweeties
Here is another lip post. But this time it’s not gonna be about dry lips but red lips. Red lips is just some of the prettiest – if you ask me - especially when it’s snowing.
This lipstick from Jane Iredale even has a taste/smell like cherries, that I really like. Normally I'm not that pleased about makeup products with taste, but this lipstick is really nice.
The lipstick is called Hannah and can buys here

Dry lips

Hey Sweeties,
When it is so cold outside (as it is here in Denmark), I get really quick dry lips. It is pretty annoying, I'm sure we all know that feeling. I had found some tips to dry lips, and i'm going tell you have good it works (Am i sweet?).

1) Lip balm: Is very useful if you don’t have that dry lips. If you have really dry lips, you going to try something else.
If I use lip balm, I use some called Eos. They is 99% neutral and is really gently to the lips.

2) Honey: Honey is helpful, but it is really annoying to use because it sticks.

3) Hand cream: Is really good if you have very dry lips like I have. The different between lip balm and hand cream, is that if you use a properly hand cream, it will hold almost a hole day if you lucky.

4) Yogurt: Is a little different to use. It adds a soft look to your lips, and is a old trick to dry lips. It works fine, but you can find more useful methods.

5) Conditioner: You can use conditioner for you lips. It works really fine, and is one of the methods I use to dry lips. It gives your lips softness and  (can) move the most of the dry skin.

What's in?

New year, new trends. But what is in this year? I have taken some of the trends i found most beautiful and interesting:
1) Trouser suits 2) Gingham 3) Demin 4) Flowers, and lots of them 5) Fringe 6) Kimono
7) Yellow colors 8) Polo tops

Some of my favorite

Hey sweeties
Thought I would show you some of my favorite things I have in my closet.
The first thing I want to show you is this black blouse from Red Valentino. I bought it last fall in TK MAXX in London (A shop, you must visit if you u ever should find yourself in London), and I must say, I never thought I would be so pleased of buying a blouse.
The second thing I want to show, is the sunglasses from Ray Ban. I bought them last spring, and have worked with them ever since. The simple design fits with everything.
Xx Ziff

Blanc Space

 Hey Sweeties, is it just me, or are Taylor Swift newly released music video – Blanc space - just incredible?
In a fashion perspective is the video amazing, and I must say I really love her black dresses from Elie Saab and gowns.
And hey, the song is also good? The video have it all, I love it.
If you haven't watched the video, go watch it now. You won't regret it!
Xx Ziff

December Favorit

Hey sweeties, I haven't made a December favorites yet, so here it comes. Enjoy.
This month I had loved those earrings. They makes me think of Christmas and winter. Them im better use them now, because when the spring comes, it gets a little weird to use snowflake earrings - Right?
Xx Sif

New Layout?

Sorry if the layout sometimes can look like mess.
The site having a little "Makeover". I'm properly finish with it in about a two-three weeks time. Hope You understand. ^^
Love Ziff

New Year

2015, New year
Happy new year